Additional Security Features for my Business

Our Business Online Banking and Electronic Check Deposit services are powerful Cash Management tools that provide online functionality, such as online wires and ACH Origination, not available with our retail Internet platform. When using these online tools, it's important to maintain network security and protect your business against cyber threats.

Business Online Banking Security Features:

IP Restrictions

  • We can limit access to your online account, to specific IP addresses that you provide to us.
  • Time Restrict
    • We can limit access to your online account to certain hours.
    • You can modify these hours for the company, or just for certain users.
  •  Dual Control
    • Dual control is available for online wires, ACH, and the Bill Payment feature.
    • Dual control requires two individuals, one to create the transaction, and another to approve it.
  • Tokens
    • A token is an access device issued to users with ACH, Wire, or Bill Pay functionality.
    • The token is required, in addition to the User ID and Password, in order to gain access to the system.
  • Alerts
    • Mandatory alerts are generated to each company user when an ACH is initiated. The alert is an email notification of the event.
    • Alerts are also available for other types of events and we strongly encourage their use.
  • Multiple User IDs
    • Business Online Banking is appropriate when the business requires access for more than one employee.
    • Each employee has their own unique User ID, Password, and Token if appropriate. If an employee leaves, access can be removed.

What you can do:

  • We strongly recommend that Business Online customers utilize a dedicated PC.
    • Establish a PC that is not used for other tasks such as Web browsing and email.
    • This limits the exposure of that machine to malicious software and provides a safer environment from which to conduct your banking.
  • Monitor your accounts daily and bring any unauthorized activity to our attention immediately.


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